"I'd never even seen Love Island, but now I'm famous for being a Davide doppelganger"

An unsuspecting man has been catapulted to viral stardom for being a doppelganger of Love Island reality star Davide - despite never having seen the show. Ryan Rossman, 28, went viral after his girlfriend Blessings Makoka posted a video of him on the social media app TikTok in early January. After the video was posted, many commented comparing Ryan to Love Island 2022 winner Davide Sanclimenti. Blessings had never heard of Davide, so made another video using a picture of the Love Island star alongside Ryan and recorded his reaction. The video quickly gained a lot of traction on the social media app, reaching almost 360k views and 310k likes. Neither Ryan nor Blessings, who are both from Jersey City, USA, had watched Love Island or knew who the Italian hunk was, so both were shocked when the video went viral. Ryan, who works as a personal trainer, said: "This is the first time someone has made the comparison between Davide and I. "It's a true surprise for us!" The video was flooded with comments remarking at how similar the two men looked. One commenter said: "I legit thought: why is she showing Davide a picture of himself?" Another remarked: "I thought it was the same person." Blessings, 24, who works as a chef, added: "I think most of my followers are here for him. He gets a lot of attention," Initially Ryan could not see the resemblance, but he quickly came to recognise that the likeness was uncanny. Blessings said: "It was quite late at night when I showed him the picture and he was quite tired, so I think that's why. "I think they look more similar with the beard. "I'm not with him because of his looks, but it is very funny knowing he looks so similar to a sex symbol like Davide." The couple now plans on watching Love Island 2022 to understand what the fuss is about. "Ever since these comments are coming in we need to watch Love Island, it's crazy, they're identical," Blessings added.