'I'd be tempted to come live here': 'Dr Karl Kennedy' reveals love for Glasgow

Photos by Colin Mearns <i>(Image: newsquest)</i>
Photos by Colin Mearns (Image: newsquest)

Cowboy hat in hand, one of Ramsay Streets' brightest stars sits comfortably amongst Friday afternoon crowds who have gathered at the Òran Mór in Glasgow.

Alan Fletcher, perhaps better known as his on-screen alter ego of 27 years, Dr Karl Kennedy, will return to the West End venue to perform songs from his recently released Americana-inspired album The Point (hence the hat) early next month.

But today, he is in town preparing to take to the stage for a very different gig.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Alan Fletcher
Glasgow Times: Pictured: Alan Fletcher

Pictured: Alan Fletcher (Image: newsquest)

It is in fact, a sold-out Neighbours Farewell Tour which he himself admits has taken an unexpected turn after news of a last-minute revival for the beloved soap broke last year.

He said: “When I was in Glasgow last year, we thought Neighbours was finished so it was a kind of bittersweet show.

“Everyone was very sad at the meet and greets.

“This was supposed to be the farewell tour until suddenly we got the news that the show had been saved so now this experience has been transformed into a fantastic celebration.

“Hundreds of happy and excited people have been coming to see us.

“Although” he pauses before continuing with a coy smile “they’re asking a lot of questions that we’re not able to answer yet.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

With just hours to go until he steps onto the stage in front of thousands of avid fans at the SEC, there’s no hint of nerves from this TV and stage veteran as he speaks about his time spent in Glasgow with genuine enthusiasm.

He said: “There’s just something about Scotland and its history that’s really intoxicating.

“I was wandering through Glasgow city centre yesterday and there are so many fascinating buildings rather than high rises.

“For us Aussies, that means an enormous amount.

“When we’re back next month I’m really looking forward to a visit to the Kelvingrove museum and the cathedral.

“I love the city and, to be honest with you, I’d be tempted to come and live here.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Alan Fletcher and Jennifer Hansen
Glasgow Times: Pictured: Alan Fletcher and Jennifer Hansen

Pictured: Alan Fletcher and Jennifer Hansen (Image: newsquest)

It’s a bold claim from the Australian-born actor, but not entirely surprising given that his love affair with Glasgow and its people stretches across decades.

He said: “I played Glasgow with my band twice before and in my earlier days I used to do appearances at Strathclyde Uni which were very rambunctious.

“That’s one thing I’d say about Glaswegians, they know how to party.

“Everyone up here knows how to have a good time and we can’t wait to come and play our new music.

“I think they’re really going to enjoy it.”

Crowds are certainly in for a treat next month as Fletcher debuts music from The Point alongside his multi-talented other half Jennifer and some fellow musical heavyweights from down under.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

He said: “There’s quite a range from comedy songs to poignant heartfelt numbers.

“It’s going to be a big night of entertainment.

“In my company, I’ll have my beautiful wife on the keyboard and singing with me as well as Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes who are a very prominent Australian-Americana band.

“The Òran Mór is a beautiful venue and is the perfect space for this kind of music.

“We’ll make you laugh, and make you celebrate and I think maybe even make you cry.”

With musical influences including John Prine and Guy Clark, the gig on Thursday, April 6 will see audience members encouraged to get well and truly into the country spirit for a night of toe-tapping tunes.

While he is eager as always to indulge in his passion for music, Fletcher says that his Neighbours fans will always be close to his heart and play a huge part in any of his performances across the globe.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

He said: “I consider myself to be an entertainer and I’m so grateful for the love that they have for Neighbours and the support that they’ve always given my music.

“Because of that, I like to get up close and personal to take the time to speak with them and say thank you.

“Having the opportunity to perform live with an audience to bounce off is a highlight for any actor.

“I can’t wait to come back to Glasgow and look forward to having the day to have a better look around too.”

To book tickets for The Point album tour at the Òran Mór click here.