Idaho Trooper Injured Dodging Vehicle During Six-Car Crash on Interstate

An Idaho trooper was hospitalized after he jumped over a concrete barrier on the I-84 in Meridian to dodge the path of a vehicle during a six-car collision on December 1.

The trooper had stopped to assist the driver of a Toyota sedan who was stranded on the eastbound lane by the exit for South Ten Mile Road due to a flat tire.

Police said preliminary investigations indicated that a car began to slow while passing the patrol car, and was then hit by a vehicle, “causing a chain reaction of four eastbound vehicles.”

Two involved pickups were “pushed left, sideswiping the parked patrol car and hitting the rear of the Toyota.”

The driver of the Toyota, who also was forced to jump out of the way, reported minor injuries but was not hospitalized.

This footage, released by Idaho State Police, shows the trooper jumping back over the barrier to avoid the impending impact. Credit: Idaho State Police via Storyful

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