Idle American Bully Waits for Owner to Lift Her Into Car

A dog owner in Hamilton, Ontario, captured a video of his “spoiled” American bully refusing to climb into the back of his car without a boost.

The TikTok video, filmed on April 30 by Isaac Brown, shows his five-year-old dog, Xena, throwing her paws on the car’s trunk and then looking back at him as if waiting for help.

“Xena is a very spoiled big baby as a dog,” Brown told Storyful. “She gets just about anything that she wants from me as a dog dad.”

Brown said Xena used to jump into the back of his car but stopped after his other dog, Chyna, passed away.

“Xena would always see [Chyna] jump into the car first and then Xena would jump in the car after her,” he explained. “Now that she has no example to follow she refuses to jump in the car by herself.” Credit: Isaac Brown via Storyful

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