If you keep thinking your phone is buzzing - only to find out it isn’t - you should worry

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Most of us spend nearly a third of our waking hours staring at smartphone screens – and the scariest part is we don’t even realise it.

But could you be psychologically addicted, without even knowing it?

A University of Michigan study has identified something which might be a warning sign of ‘phone addiction’ – feeling that a phone is vibrating, and then finding out it actually wasn’t.

Writing this week on The Conversation, the University’s Daniel J Kruger says, ‘Over 80 percent of college students we surveyed have experienced it.

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‘However, if it’s happening a lot – more than once a day – it could be a sign that you’re psychologically dependent on your cellphone.

‘Phantom phone experiences may seem like a relatively small concern in our electronically connected age. But they raise the specter of how reliant we are on our phones – and how much influence phones have in our social lives.

‘Those who scored higher on cellphone dependency – they more often used their phones to make themselves feel better, became irritable when they couldn’t use their phones and thought about using their phone when they weren’t on it – had more frequent phantom phone experiences.’