Ikea Recall Nearly 40,000 Crib Mattresses Due To Fears They Pose A Fire Hazard

Ikea have been forced to recall 38,400 crib mattresses after it was found they could pose a fire hazard,

The Vyssa Spelevink mattresses were found to have not complied with the U.S. federal open flame standard for mattresses. Full refunds will be given with or without a receipt.

This comes after Ikea were forced to recall 169,000 baby mattresses from across North America over worries that ill-fitting pads could trap a young infant.

In addition, one of their drawer sets has been recently blamed for the death of two toddlers last year. In both cases, the infants were crushed to death by a toppled chest of drawers.

Ikea released the following statement on their website: ‘After testing, the VYSSA SPELEVINK mattress has shown non-compliance with the federal open flame standard for mattresses. Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required to receive a full refund.

VYSSA SPELEVINK has been sold since 2010. IKEA apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.’