I'm A Celebrity: Louise Minchin reveals 'Sliding Doors' story behind her marriage

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Louise Minchin (ITV)
Louise Minchin shared the story of how she met her husband David with her campmates. (ITV)

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants Louise Minchin has shared the romantic story of how she met her husband - falling in love with him when she was just 13 only to meet again years later.

The former BBC Breakfast presenter - who has been married to husband David Minchin for 23 years - shared the tale of fate with her campmates on the ITV reality show.

Minchin, 53, revealed: “I was about 13 when this story started…I used to go to a particular beach in Cornwall at a particular time of the year. There was this guy on the beach that I was obsessed with. He was much older than me. Five years older than me, but I didn’t know that at the time. He played the guitar, had a surfboard, was really cool… I used to call him the guy in the Kinks T-shirt.

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“Forward wind many years later. There’s a girl called Ali, she’s got two older brothers…

"Forward a few more years, I’m 28 at this stage. Ali and I are having a conversation we’d never had before about going on holiday to the beach.. and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s the beach I used to go to.’ Then my brain goes… ‘Did one of your brothers used to wear a Kinks t-shirt?’ She was like, ‘How do you know that?’ ‘I was in love with him when I was 13!’”

The former BBC newsreader added that her husband would joke she should “chuck her boyfriend”.

Louise Minchin had a crush on her husband as a teen, only to meet him again years later. (Getty Images)
Louise Minchin had a crush on her husband as a teen, only to meet him again years later. (Getty Images)

She continued: “Another few months later, he says, ‘So?’... I did. I chucked my boyfriend.

"Anyway two months later we started going out. Less than a year [later] we got married. I’ve been looking for this guy since I was 13!”

The implication that the pair were destined to meet resembles the movie Sliding Doors, the 1998 rom com starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah.

Minchin and her restaurateur husband share two daughters Mia and Scarlett.

Another love story continuing in the celebrity camp in Gwrych Castle in north Wales is that between Emmerdale star Danny Miller and footballer David Ginola.

Ginola, 54, was seen washing topless in the courtyard on Sunday night - and many of the celebrities gathered to join him.

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Miller, 30, told the Telegraph how much he had enjoyed sleeping on the floor as punishment for losing The Lair challenge - as he was next to Ginola.

David Ginola and Danny Miller have formed a bromance in the camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)
David Ginola and Danny Miller have formed a bromance in the camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)

The soap actor said: “It’s strange how I’ve just had a better night’s sleep sleeping next to him [David]. I feel safer. If David Ginola asked me to marry him, I’m sorry Steph, but… the wedding venue’s booked. It would be a great wedding as well. Imagine the people that would come to it. Yeah, it’s tempting.”

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