I’m A Celebrity 2015: Could Tulisa Enter The Jungle?

Another day, another rumour about who could be swapping caviar for kangaroo’s you-know-what for I’m A Celebrity, with today’s rumour mill suggesting that Tulisa could be entering the Australia jungle later this year.

Y’know what? We reckon she’d be AWESOME in there.

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Brand expert Marcel Knobil, founder of Superbrands, has ‘advised’ the star to do a stint in the jungle to win the public’s sympathy after she was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving last week.

Erm, okay then.

Marcel, who reportedly claims her career has gone “off the rails,” told The Daily Star: “An appearance on a reality show like I’m A Celebrity could rescue her and earn the sympathy of viewers.

“Of course, for music artists the best way to rebuild a brand is to have a huge hit record.


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“But perhaps for Tulisa we need to see the modern Taming Of The Shrew.

“She has shown how she can fight for her own justice, so perhaps she should channel her feistiness into fighting for good causes instead.”

However, the 27-year-old’s spokesman isn’t quite so enthralled by this ‘advice’, telling The Daily Star: “I’ve never heard of Marcel Knobil, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy seeing his name in the paper.”

So there you go.

Tulisa was forced to deny rumours that she’d be entering the jungle last year, saying at the time: “Nah - I’m a musician. I’ve never been a reality TV star and it’s not the way I want to go.


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“For me it’s all about the music. And when I do do TV I want it to be connected to the music.”

Last week, the N-Dubz singer was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after she drove on the wrong side of the road near her North London home and crashed her Ferrari into another car.

She was released on bail after 22 hours in custody, and is set to appear in court in November.

Tulisa is convinced she wasn’t over the limit at the time of the crash, with a source telling The Sunday Mirror: “Tulisa had just one drink, a vodka, and it was only a few minutes earlier - but she needed to pop to the shops for a few bits.

“She was careful not to have another drink and jumped in the car.

“By the time she was breathalysed it was around 20 minutes later and she was confident that she would pass the test. But the machine flickered right on the brink before coming back positive.”

She’s now awaiting the results of her second sample, with the source adding: “She is completely convinced she hadn’t drunk too much to drive. Now she has to wait to find out the results of that sample.”