'I'm A Celebrity': Beverley Callard's mother-in-law has been boasting about son's rude pet name

Beverley Callard is embarrassed about her 'I'm A Celebrity' camp chat
Beverley Callard is embarrassed about her 'I'm A Celebrity' camp chat

Beverley Callard has revealed that her 88-year-old mother-in-law has been bragging about “Megashag” being her son.

The Coronation Street legend shocked I’m A Celebrity campmates and viewers by volunteering the information that her pet name for husband Jon McEwan is Megashag.

Callard, 63, looked horrified when she was evicted from camp and realised the scene had aired on TV, telling presenters Ant and Dec that she didn’t know how she could face her mother-in-law again.

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But luckily for Callard, she needn’t have worried - as she explained in I’m A Celebrity...A Castle Story.

The actor said she had forgotten the cameras were rolling and added: “I could not believe it, I was just convinced they’d edit it.

“I was convinced my mother-in-law would never speak to me again because I said that about her son.

“She’s now going round saying, ‘I produced that Megashag.’

“I can’t believe it, she’s 88.”

The other big topic of conversation for the show’s stars as they looked back on their time in the castle was Jordan North’s absolute terror of everything.

He began the series by vomiting in the first episode at the suggestion of abseiling down a cliff, and became known for shouting “happy place Turf Moor” to himself throughout trials.

Victoria Derbyshire, who used to work with him when he took an early job as her tea boy, said she had been surprised by his range of phobias.

She said: “When Jordan and I worked together I did not know he was such a nervous wreck.

“I just didn’t know he was scared of everything.”

Radio 1 DJ North admitted that his first trial, which saw him hysterical over the prospect of getting into an underground hole with snakes, was even worse than viewers realised.

He said: “What you see on the show is five or 10 minutes - I was there over an hour before I could do it.”

But he added: “If I can get in a hole with vipers, I can get on a plane and go to New York and all these other things I want to do but have been scared of.”

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