I’m A Celebrity: Duncan Bannatyne’s Girlfriend Isn’t Happy With Lady Colin Campbell’s Comments

Duncan Bannatyne’s girlfriend Nigora Whitehorn is not happy with Lady Colin Campbell on I’m A Celebrity - especially after she called the Dragon a ‘p*ssy’.

Nigora, who’s been dating Duncan for six months, reckons Lady C needs to ‘step back and shut up’ in camp.

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Duncan and Lady C came to blows over a tin of tomato soup, with Lady C later branding the multi-millionaire a ‘p*ssy’ for not completing a challenge.

According to The Mirror and The Sun, Nigora’s now spoken about Lady C’s name-calling, saying: “I thought it was out of order. I wouldn’t call a man that word, it is not an educated word.

“The first two days she was showing how aristocratic she was and now she is coming out with all these swear words. She can’t help herself.

“Duncan had a hard childhood but he made good and you can’t do that without brains. I think she needs to do some work.”

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She continued: “Lady C is too opinionated and she needs to step back and shut up. I think she has gone too far.

“She was very entertaining at the start but she crossed too far and it is all about her really.”

Nigora also showed her support for Duncan, saying: “I think he is doing fantastic. That is what I expected him to do, the way he has been. Now he is coming along and showing his real personality.

“He is the winner in my eyes and he is my hero. I am so proud of him. Oh my god I can’t wait to see him.

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“I’ve been in tears every time I watch him. It is heartbreaking to watch.

“We are like twins y’know, it has been amazing. So I am so excited to see him. And I just wanna feed him, he looks a bit exhausted.

“He is really fit, fitter than I am when we go to the gym together, but you can tell when they don’t get much food.”

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV at 9pm.