I’m A Celebrity: Lady Colin Campbell And Tony Hadley Argue In Camp

The peaceful atmosphere in the I’m A Celebrity camp didn’t even last as long as Gemma Collins’ jungle experience of 2014.

Despite all getting along at first, the camp has officially seen its first row courtesy of Lady Colin Campbell and Tony Hadley.

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Things started off as chummy as ever last night, with George Shelley helping Susannah Constantine do up her bra and Brian Friedman telling the Bush Telegraph: “The thing that’s grabbing my heart is as a camp, as a group we’re bonding.”

However, things were turned on their head when Tony was voted leader of the camp, with Chris Eubank as his deputy.

With the two ordered to take supervisory roles and not do any work in the camp, Brian told the remaining celebrities: “Your new leader will have the final say in all decisions.”

Tony and Chris’ first task was to put their campmates in order of hardest working to, well, who does not at lot, with Tony concluding (and Chris agreeing): “If I’m honest, the least hardest working is Lady Colin Campbell as she’s a slightly older lady and she needs to be treated as such.”

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He added: “Please forgive me Lady C, she won’t be offended.”

Later, when Lady C had returned from her challenge, Tony attempted to justify his earlier rankings - but she was having none of it.

She asked him: “When you were shovelling food down you the other morning, who do you think prepared it?”, to which he replied: “I know, I know.”

Lady Colin said: “I’m disgusted by what has happened but it’s damn funny that people who were stuffing their gullets on my labour whilst sitting on their big fat arses were able to think that I had done nothing.”

Despite Tony admitting to not realising the consequences of his actions and insisting it was nothing personal, Lady C continued: “This is a typical male cop out. Grow up. It is personal. If you’re man enough to make the decision, stand by the consequences.

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“Appreciation is a wonderful thing, and lack of it is very noticeable. You’re a 55-year-old man and not figured out yet that everything has a consequence? Give me a break, what planet are you on?!”

The two later decided to draw a line under it all and move on, with Lady Colin explaining: “ I’m completely justified in being upset but I accept it wasn’t maliciously done.”

Earlier in the day, Lady Colin had refused to take part in a challenge with Yvette, in which they were tasked with proving they weren’t the laziest.

They were asked to clean messy tins to uncover some letters and complete an anagram - but she wasn’t impressed.

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Despite Yvette’s efforts to calm her down, Lady Colin said: “There is nothing in this world that would induce me to participate in something that is a complete injustice, I’m going back to camp.”

Yvette tried to persuade Lady Colin to take part again, saying: “I just think you’ve got to go for it as much as you can, and I think the reward is something fab so worth it.”

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However, Lady C replied: “I’m not prepared to have any part of it and the fact that these two lazy bums know that I’ve gone out of my way to feed them, their greedy guts and this is the reward of thanks with them casting us in this role, it’s an outrage.”

Yvette completed the challenge on her own.