'I'm allergic to gravity - it leaves me bed bound, unable to stand and I regularly faint'


A woman who is 'allergic to gravity' spends 23 hours in bed, faints up to 10 times a day and can't stand up for more than three minutes without passing out.

Lyndsi Johnson, 28, has to sit with her legs crossed to stop her feeling sick and can only get up to eat or shower.

She started suffering with abdominal and back pain in October 2015 and her symptoms worsened and within a few years and she was projectile vomiting and fainting up to 10 times a day.

After years of going back and forth to the doctors, Lyndsi was diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) in February 2022 - an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing- which Lyndsi also refers to as an allergy to gravity.

Now she is on medication, Lyndsi faints three times a day but still can’t do a lot for herself and has to rely on her husband, James, 30, who is her caregiver.

Lyndsi, who used to work as a aviation diesel mechanic for the navy, from Bangor, Maine, US, said: “I’m allergic to gravity – it sounds crazy but it’s true.

“I can’t stand up for longer than three minutes without feeling faint, being sick or passing out.

"I feel much better if I'm laying down.

“I’m in bed all day - for up to 23 hours a day.

“I never thought that at 28 that I would have to use a shower chair.

“I can’t leave my house anymore.

“There is no cure but I’m so grateful for James and what I do have.”

Lyndsi first started getting unwell while she was working in the navy oversees.

Her symptoms continued and she struggled with chronic pain but doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong.

In May 2018 she was medically discharged from the military due to her illnesses.