'I'm a Busy Man': 4-Year-Old Goes Over His Lengthy To-Do List

A four-year-old in Northern Ireland had quite a to-do list on October 24. Caroline O’Neill recorded this video of her imaginative son Darragh going over everything he had planned for the day – only one day after he got his driver’s license, he said.

O’Neill told Storyful her son is a “very busy man,” as the lad notes in the video.

“He loves to work hard and farm the land with his brother and daddy and grandas,” she said. “He is a hardworking wee boy.”

In the video Darragh can be heard going through the impressive pretend list, which includes picking up the keys to the car he just bought, putting in tiles in the house he’s building, cleaning windows, putting up barbed wire, cutting sheep, and much more. Credit: Caroline O’Neill via Storyful