I'm A Celeb star's heartbreaking update on son's disability as 'treatment fails'

Myles Stephenson and Shiloh
-Credit: (Image: mylesraksu/Instagram)

Former I'm A Celebrity contestant and X Factor winner Myles Stephenson has shared his family's heartbreak as he reveals the severe health challenges faced by his young son. His two year old, Shiloh, suffers from Hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

Myles first brought to light last year the devastating incident that led to his son suffering a stroke that went unnoticed at the time, causing permanent brain injury. Myles recently took to social media in an emotionally charged post to give an update on Shiloh's condition, which clearly took a lot of courage for him to talk about.

The toddler is now dealing with partial paralysis down his right side, and consequently, uses supports in the form of splints on his legs and body to aid his movement. Myles spoke candidly in a video saying: "Shiloh started with the ankle-high splint, which didn't do its job. We then upgraded to the knee-high splint hoping that his heel would be able to plant with the knee-high splint, but that has also failed."

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In the same update, Myles discussed further treatments that they are exploring. He said: "The next phase is botox injections to relax the muscles in his leg, in the hope that it does do its job. The range of movement is lessening, so where we was at last phase, there is less range and less movement in his legs, which is a tough one to take, man. I really sat and processed it about 20 minutes ago, emotionally it's tough for me," reports the Mirror.

In an emotional appeal, Myles asked his followers for advice on his family's health situation, saying: "If anybody has any tricks, tips, any input whatsoever that is going to be beneficial to me and my family then please comment, your comment don't go unseen and it helps me research more in this whole new unknown, unwalked territory that we're going into."

He added: "And to the people who haven't got to this phase yet but may do, process it, take it in, and as I always say, keep on fighting the fight, let your emotions out, share them with your partner, share them with your family, and keep a smile on your face."

The Rak-Su singer, who shot to fame with his band's victory on The X Factor in 2017, became worried about his son Shiloh's condition when the child was only six months old. Myles and his partner Keli Hall were concerned after noticing that Shiloh's right hand was constantly clenched into a fist and wasn't working properly.

Their concern escalated when they saw him dragging his right foot, which led their GP to urgently refer Shiloh for specialist tests. Tragically, following an MRI scan, Myles and Keli were told that their young son had suffered damage to the left side of his brain and had experienced a stroke either during or shortly after birth.

Myles revealed: "It wasn't being told that your son won't be the next Messi or Ronaldo that hurt. It was the thought that doing his laces, spinning spaghetti on a spoon or playing certain games with friends might be a challenge for him. The small things. ShiShi doesn't know any different, he figures out how to do things in his own way and although the brain damage can't be reversed we are doing everything possible to help strengthen the right side of his body! ".