"I'm having another man's baby with my husband's blessing... it's the best decision I ever made"

Kylie Evans with her husband Mick
-Credit: (Image: William Lailey / SWNS)

A woman from Bury is pregnant with another man's baby after her husband gave her his blessing. Kylie Evans, 35, longed to have a baby but wasn't able to have a child with husband Mick, 63, who had a vasectomy 28 years before they met.

Despite their 28-year age gap, the pair were determined to start a family and tried to conceive using a sperm donor who matched Mick's appearance via a clinic.

The couple spent about £6,000 on their fertility treatment and requested the donor carry similar physical traits to Mick like his blue eye and his 5ft 7inch height.

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However Kylie wasn’t ovulating correctly and unable to fall pregnant. Doctors said her BMI was too high to qualify for IVF. At her biggest, she was tipping the scales at 24st 13lb and squeezing into a dress size 26.

The couple then managed to save for Kylie to undergo weight loss surgery, paying out £7,000 for a gastric operation in Latvia. After losing 13 stone Kylie was delighted to fall pregnant naturally after inseminating herself with a sperm from a donor in October 2023.

Kylie went on a weight loss journey after being told her BMI was too high
Kylie went on a weight loss journey after being told her BMI was too high -Credit:William Lailey / SWNS

Kylie is now 36 weeks pregnant and the couple are 'over the moon' to be expecting their son in July 2024. Kylie, a waitress, from Bury, Manchester, said: "Mick was more than happy using a sperm donor.

"The clinic helped us pick one out that would match his looks - his hair colour, his eyes and height. You don't see a photo but get a description.

"The weight loss surgery completely turned my life around, we wouldn't be having a baby with it. We can't wait to be parents."

Kylie is now pregnant after using a sperm donor
Kylie is now pregnant after using a sperm donor -Credit:William Lailey / SWNS

Kylie said she was 'always bigger but really started gaining weight in her late teens. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a condition that affects ovulation.

Kylie believes that contributed to her weight gain, as well working two jobs – a café in the day and an Italian restaurant during the evening.

She said: “The Italians love to feed you – and I couldn’t say no. I’d pick at pizza and pasta all evening while I worked. Then I’d come with leftovers and binge on food all night."

Kylie met her age gap husband Mick when he was a customer at the pub she worked at in 2008. The pair spent six years trying to conceive with 'no progress at all'.

She added: "A sperm donor was the cheapest route, and it doesn’t matter to us how the baby is made. We knew we'd love them no matter what."

“I was getting older, and it was crunch time for me. If I didn’t lose the weight, it might have been too late to have a baby.”

Kylie with her husband Mick Evans
Kylie with her husband Mick Evans -Credit:William Lailey / SWNS

The couple got to work saving the money for Kylie to undergo weight loss surgery abroad. It took them nearly eight months to save up £7k but in January 2022, Kylie finally had the procedure.

She said: “We worked two jobs, seven days a week, and managed to save up the money. Mick came with me, and it was absolutely amazing. The nurses were great and everything went really smoothly."

As she was ovulating again, Kylie attempting using a sperm donor again and artificially inseminated herself in October 2023. To their delight, Kylie had a positive pregnancy test in November 2023, and the couple found out they're expecting a little boy.

Kylie and Mick were determined to start a family
Kylie and Mick were determined to start a family -Credit:William Lailey / SWNS

She said: "I've had a terrible time during pregnancy - I won't do it again. But it'll all be worth it.

"My life, my confidence, my health, the way I feel about myself, everything has changed dramatically after surgery. If anyone is considering it, I say do it. It's the best decision I ever made."