'I'm a long-haired cat owner' and Shark Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner has 'been a godsend'

Pet owners are raving about Shark Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner that's "surprisingly powerful" and "very versatile." Shark is an award-winning Vacuum Company that is said to offer a big bang for your buck compared to its competitor Dyson.

Now, in a limited-time sale, Amazon is offering £100 off the popular vacuum. Pet owners are said to love the upright cleaner as it has an anti-hair wrap model which removes long and short hair from the brush-roll as you clean.

This vacuum is perfect for both carpets and hard floors with LED headlights that illuminate hidden dust. You can even go portable with a Lift-Away mode to comfortably clean stairs, sofas, up high and more.

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Not only is this vacuum super versatile and powerful, but it is also in a sleek black and rose gold design for just £169. Over 2,000 people have bought this cleaner just this month and it boasts an impressive 4.6-star average out of 5 from 1,483 ratings.

One enthused pet owner said: "I love this vaccume! If you're debating on if you should buy this or not, just DO IT! I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm a long haired cat owner and we've always stuggled with hair in the carpets never being able to get it all up and since purchasing this it's been a godsend. It managed to pick up all the hairs and more (all the little dusts bits and grains under the carpet).

"I've made great use of the 'lift away' feature on our stairs and in the car, it's so easy to take off and is light enough to carry around. I just wish the hose would be a bit longer as I found myself pulling the vaccume over from time to time and I have to make sure that it's right by me when using the lift away feature. In conclusion i'd say this is a fantastic vaccume and the price cannot be any better for what you get, it's a must have for any household."

Another commented: "I can honestly say this is the best upright vacuum cleaner I've ever purchased and I've gone through a TON of vacuums both in my personal and professional life! It's compact despite sporting a 1 litre capacity collection drum. It's easy to assemble straight out of the box. It stores well, which is essential in a small, one person flat like mine. It's surprisingly powerful, made easy work of six months of accumulated dog hairs along with other filth and detritus.

"Most importantly for myself is that it's quite lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and although it boasts powerful suction, one doesn't feel as though one is fighting to control the unit, unlike some other models. Using it didn't set off a flare up with my arthritis and - perhaps the best feature - the nice, long wand attachment/ handle meant I didn't have to bend almost double just to use the thing. As a man standing not far off seven feet tall that's a rarity in most floor cleaning products, I can tell you!"

They continued: "My only gripes are that I think it's going to require frequent emptying, despite the aforementioned collection drum, and the automatic hair removal on the brushes doesn't seem to work quite as well as advertised. All in all a great vacuum cleaner. One of the best in my experience and opinion but by no means perfect. Well worth the price."

Alternatively, Dyson is selling the animal ball for £229.99, down from £279.99. This vacuum is said to automatically de-tangle hair, can be used on all floor types and can deep clean homes with pets. Find out more here.