'I'm Meeting You for Him': Boy Tells All-Star Pitcher Clayton Kershaw of His Late Grandpa's Wish

A 10-year-old baseball fan fulfilled his late grandfather’s dream of meeting Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw at a press conference after the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, July 19.

This footage shows the young fan, Blake Grice, getting emotional as he describes his grandfather’s passion for baseball, prompting the legendary southpaw to get up and embrace the boy.

“I’m meeting you for him,” the boy told Kershaw as his voice began to shake. Credit: Michael J. Duarte/NBC LA via Storyful

Video transcript

- I'm from Colorado, and I want to tell you a quick little story.


- So, my grandpa loved you. He watched the 1988 series, and he wanted to meet you and Vin Scully one day. So this moment is important to me because I meet you for him.


- And he was from Redondo Beach, and a little while ago, a few years, some years ago, he died from brain cancer.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Oh. I'm sorry about that, buddy.

- And-- oh, my gosh.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Oh, come here, dude. It's great to meet you. OK, great to meet you. Thanks for telling me. That took a lot of courage to tell me that. So I appreciate that. Great to meet you. Your [INAUDIBLE] sound like an awesome guy.

- He does?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: OK. Good. All right. Thanks for coming up. That took a lot of courage, man. That was awesome. Thanks, buddy.

- Thank you for your time.

- Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for coming. OK. Do you have a parent here or anything?



- His cameraman, security.


- One, two, three.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Awesome. Great to meet you.

- Thank you for your time.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: All right. I'm going to go watch. Go watch the game, OK?

- Yeah.


- That was great.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: OK, see you guys.