'I'm a nutritionist and I always avoid these three popular foods for better health'

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A nutrition expert has issued a stark warning about three foodstuffs she never lets pass her lips, claiming they cause blood sugar levels to soar, increase hunger, are crammed full of synthetic components, and 'wreak havoc on your body's ecosystem'.

Olivia Hedlund, a master in nutritional therapy, argues that individuals should concentrate on incorporating genuinely wholesome fare into their meals instead of opting for products often touted as healthy.

Hedlund avoids the following trio of edibles:.

1. Breakfast Cereals.

She intentionally steers clear of breakfast cereals due to their absence of nutritional value. "There is truly and genuinely no health benefit to starting your morning with a blood sugar spike," she penned, reports Gloucestershire Live.

Although acknowledging that more wholesome cereal varieties exist, Hedlund suggests indulging in them sparingly as a snack or indulgence, better yet when teamed with protein and fat to balance out any spikes in blood sugar.

The quick digestion of high-carbohydrate, high-sugar cereals, she notes, leads to a temporary surge in energy followed by increased hunger after eating.

2. Plant-Based Meats.

Hedlund also discourages the use of plant-based meat alternatives. She advocates ethically sourced meat from regenerative farms, which she deems more principled and eco-friendly.

"Meat is nutrient-dense and good for you if sourced correctly," she affirms. Conversely, she labels plant-based meats as unfavourable for health-conscious individuals due to their inclusion of hydrogenated oils and assorted fillers to recreate meat taste.

3. Popular coffee brands.

Lastly, Hedlund issued a warning about High Street coffee brands, citing worries that pesticides in the coffee beans could wreak havoc on the body's ecosystem, including hormonal balance and blood sugar regulation.

She suggested that brewing your own coffee at home gives you control over what you're consuming.

However, she reassured that occasionally indulging isn't disastrous, stating: "Having these things occasionally may fit into your life and that's okay, nothing is perfect."