'I'm one of you now': The Responder star on her Liverpool home as she makes accent admission

-Credit: (Image: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo)
-Credit: (Image: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo)

Faye McKeever said she is still pinching herself as she reflected on The Responder's critical success.

The 39-year-old star has won acclaim for her portrayal of Jodie Sweeney in the hit BBC drama. The actor told the ECHO she was thrilled to take on a more significant part in the second season as her character aimed to make a mark in the criminal underworld.

She said: "When you get the phone call to say it's going again, you're like 'yes please'. And you're hoping you got a little bit more to do, which I did."

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She added: "It's just the best. Alongside that, you're working with a group of people, who are just excellent. And you're like 'pinch me'.

"That's what I did for the whole time filming this." Jodie has provided some of the funniest moments of the second series as the character initially aimed to go a legitimate business by launching a failed ice cream parlour.

Faye said the part is a joy to play as she heaped praise on show creator, Tony Schumacher. She added: "He has the ability to give you this gritty drama and inject all this comedy into it. Because it's so bleak at times, I was made up with all my one-liners."

Faye is originally from Manchester but has regularly been cast in shows filmed in Liverpool such as Time and Little Boy Blue. The TV star said she always loves filming in the region, which she branded her "second home".

She added: "It really is the people, the vibe of the city, the architecture of the city. Everything about it is brilliant. My Scouse friends say I'm an adopted Scouser, which I'll take."

Faye adopts a Scouse accent for the role and says the key to getting it right is because she understands how important it is to Liverpudlians that it sounds authentic. She said: "I have a lot of Scouse friends that I call upon and I ask, 'can you just make sure that I've got this to a tee? It's pressure and I think I need to do this right."

Faye joked: "It's hard to do a Scouse accent because the pressure is on. All the Scousers are like 'She's a wool'." Faye said "wool" is her favourite bit of Liverpudlian slang and said her knowledge of how we speak means she feels at home in the region.

She said: "I've dated a few Scousers in my time so I know all the slang. Like webs. It's like cockney slang and that familiarity of when you come to a city and know all of its slang. I just think, 'Oh I'm one of you now".

The Responder season two finale airs on BBC One tonight at 9pm. You can stream all episodes on iPlayer

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