I'm Thrilled Danielle Brooks Got An Oscar Nomination For The Color Purple, But It Should Have Been Recognized Way More

 Danielle Brooks looking to the side as Sofia in The Color Purple.
Danielle Brooks looking to the side as Sofia in The Color Purple.

You better believe I was yelling “Hell yeah!” when Danielle Brooks was included on the list of 2024 Oscar nominees. However, you also better believe that I was, in the words of her character Sofia, saying “Hell No!” when the 2023 musical remake of The Color Purple only got one nomination from The Academy.

This happens every year, movies get majorly snubbed. This year, along with that WTF moment when Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated for directing Barbie, the critically adored The Color Purple was essentially left out of the awards conversation, which is maddening. However, they did get one incredibly well-deserved nomination for Danielle Brooks in the Best Supporting Actress category.

I’m So Excited That The Academy Recognized Danielle Brooks For Her Work In The Color Purple

When I tell you I yelped in excitement when Danielle Brooks' name was read during the nominations, I mean it. Her performance as Sofia, the confident and outspoken wife of Harpo and friend of Celie in The Color Purple, was a true standout of the film, as the actress brought humor and heartbreak to the role.

Throughout the film, Sofia has more lighthearted beats than the rest of the cast – however, things take a turn when she’s arrested following her refusal to work for a white family. Brooks provides a strong-willed performance during moments like the heart-pounding song “Hell No!,” and she gives a tender and tragic one after her arrest. Talk about Academy-worthy range!

Brooks mesmerizing as Sofia – she also got a Tony nomination for playing her in the Broadway revival of the musical The Color Purple – and she is deserving of every accolade she receives. She told the New York Times that being nominated feels “like getting the M.V.P. at the Super Bowl,” and it brings me so much joy that her dream came true.

The Color Purple Deserved Way More Than One Nomination

However, the majority of The Color Purple cast and crew also deserved nominations. Like Danielle Brooks, the folks both on and off screen turned in career-best performances in this film, and I’m really sad that The Acedmy didn’t recognize them.

Most notably, Fantasia Barrino had a huge moment with The Color Purple, and she carries this movie as Celie – who she also played on Broadway. I know the Lead Actress category is stacked, but moments like “I’m Here” and Shug and Celie’s loving relationship clearly show how deserving she also was of recognition.

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Margot Robbie in Barbie and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer, pictured side-by-side.

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Along with Barrino, Taraji P. Henson, who plays Shug the boisterous singer Shug, showed a totally different side of her talent. Seeing the Empire alum belt “Push Da Button” and help Barrino’s character find empowerment and freedom highlighted the strength of this powerhouse actress.

Lastly, Coman Domingo – who played the antagonist Mister and was nominated this year for his role in Rustin – was also incredibly deserving of a nomination. Yes, he was great in Rustin and deserving of that nomination. However, he took a seemingly unlovable character in The Color Purple and humanized him, creating a beautiful arc that warranted recognition.

Along with all these incredible actors, I’d be remiss not to mention that The Color Purple also deserved nominations in cinematography, costume design, best director and best picture.

The Color Purple is a masterclass in filmmaking and a brilliant musical. It’s a shame that it wasn’t nominated for 11 Oscars like the 1986 film was. However, let us celebrate what we did get, and that’s a well-deserved and wonderful nomination for the incredible Danielle Brooks.

To see if this actress takes home the gold, you can tune into the 2024 TV schedule’s telecast of The Oscars on Sunday, March 10 at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.