'I'm the world's biggest Wimpy fan and I'm trying to visit all 64 restaurants'

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The UK's most dedicated Wimpy enthusiast is on a mouth-watering mission to visit every one of the 64 Wimpy restaurants in the country, embarking on an incredible 2,400 mile journey over just 31 days.

Anthony Zupnik, 36, has had a lifelong passion for the iconic burger chain, having been a regular customer for over three decades since his childhood infatuation began.

He estimates that he might have enjoyed around 1,000 Wimpy meals throughout his life, consistently choosing his favourite meal: a simple burger with ketchup and onions alongside a portion of chips.

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In a single day, Anthony managed to hit five different Wimpy locations, all part of his grand charity challenge to dine at every Wimpy in England and Scotland by the end of July.

Software developer Anthony said: "I've been a huge fan of Wimpy basically since birth. This tour is the proof, but I think I have been Wimpy's biggest fan for years."

"Every owner is enthusiastic about the brand, and they give you the time of day, and that's what you don't get at other fast food brands - you get no personalisation."

Reminiscing about his usual order, he said: "Since I was a kid I've always had a hamburger with ketchup and onions. I've upgraded my burger size to a quarter-pounder, but the order is exactly the same."

"That whole ritual I have is very enjoyable and satisfying."

Anthony's fondness for Wimpy blossomed thanks to his godmother, who managed the Littlehampton branch in West Sussex during the '70s and '80s, and he spent his formative years on the south coast.

He has a particular fondness for the familiar flavours of the chain, which was established in 1934 in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, and appreciates the fact that diners can eat with a knife and fork.

Unfortunately, in 2010 at 22, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and subsequently received treatment at a unit run by the Teenage Cancer Trust. Having overcome his health scare and completed a degree in physics, he now hopes to raise funds for the charity through his love for Wimpy restaurants.

He shared: "I had this idea for a while that I'd like to go and visit all the Wimpies in the country, but it seemed very gratuitous to do it without a reason. So I decided I could marry up this dream I've always had with a fundraiser for the Teenage Cancer Trust."

"To this day, I try to eat at Wimpy as often as I can, something which I am well known for amongst my friends and family. I enjoy the satisfaction of their familiarity, tasty food options, and the civilised manner of eating with a knife and fork."

Anthony, who lives in Leeds, embarked on his journey on July 1 at his local Wimpy in Huddersfield. His plans include travelling as far north as Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire and as far south as Swanage, Dorset, in his quest to sample food at all 64 restaurants.

However, it's not an eating challenge per se, and on many visits, he'll just be having a drink or light meal. But, having always ordered the same meal at Wimpy, he is planning to broaden his horizons on the tour by trying other items.

He said: "As part of my quest, I'll try everything I possibly can on the menu to find out once and for all if my simple order is the bee's knees. But when I go to a Wimpy, I also like people to know what my order is. It's like when you go to a pub and the owner knows what your 'usual' is."

"I like that feeling you get, and that's what I've experienced so far during the tour."

Anthony is excited about meeting Wimpy owners, staff and fellow enthusiasts while sharing their stories via his website and social media. He continued: "People like to post on Instagram about all these luxurious places that they've been to, and I just like to post my pictures of me going to Wimpy."

One of Anthony's favourite Wimpy restaurants so far has been the chain's outlet in Felixstowe, Suffolk. He said: "The manager there had heard about me on the radio. She knew I was coming and she was very enthusiastic. The staff donated. We just had a great time."

Anthony was studying at Leeds University when he received his cancer diagnosis. And after receiving support from Teenage Cancer Trust, he continued with his studies, and was awarded a 2:1, which he says, 'felt like the greatest achievement of all time'.

He recalled his time on their unit: "I often found it pretty hard to sleep, I was often up very late, and needed to be completely exhausted before I could get any sleep."

"Thankfully, the lounge area on the unit was open all hours and I spent my time watching TV. One of the first times I did this, one of the nurses, Fiona, came to sit with me and kept me company."

"The nurses would often do this when they could, and to have company when I would have otherwise been lonely was greatly appreciated."

"It's a shame I never really got to show the level of gratitude I have for the nurses as they made me feel so special."

Visit JustGiving to sponsor Anthony's Wimpy tour fundraiser.

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