I'm worried as my wife eats six eggs a day - people say she's cracked

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A bemused husband has taken to Reddit to express his concern over his wife's unusual dietary habit of consuming "six boiled eggs a day".

The man, puzzled by her penchant for half a dozen daily eggs, sought advice from the online community, sparking a debate among netizens. Some reminisced about acquaintances with similar egg-centric diets, reports the Mirror.

In his Reddit post, the husband shared: "My Irish wife boils about six eggs a day, and eats them throughout the day as snacks. Is this an Irish thing? She claims it is pretty common and almost cultural phenomenon."

He further elaborated on his own background: "Worth noting I am an Irish citizen too, but born and lived in Spain for the first 20 years of my life. Surely eating six boiled eggs a day isn't normal haha. [sic]".

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Even those who fancy eggs had reservations about such a high daily intake. One commenter said: "I like eggs but I don't think I would like them if I ate 6 every day." Another quipped: "Your wife is cracked."

The conversation also touched on potential health implications of her egg consumption. A user recalled being cautioned against excessive egg intake due to cholesterol concerns, stating: "I grew up being told that you absolutely cannot eat more than two eggs per day, I think it was something about cholesterol. Luckily the egg advisory council debunked that."

One person commented: "Six hard boiled eggs a day? Jesus man, do you sleep in a separate bedroom or something? You must be able to taste her farts."

Another remarked: "Six is very much uncommon. I'd eat about 2-4 a week max," while others recommended getting chickens to cut the costs of her egg consumption, with a user saying: "Probably worth investing in a few chickens if she plans on keeping that up."