Image does not show CBC story on Dutch farmer's protests

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Social media posts claim to show an article by Canadian public broadcaster CBC attributing Dutch farmers' protests against environmental regulations to a militia group based in Canada. This is false; the CBC confirmed it never published such an article, and internet searches for the headline also do not find such a story.

"Omg these legacy news reporters are something else. Canada is the blame for farmers standing up for themselves! Give me a break," says a July 7, 2022, Facebook post.

It includes an image -- without a link -- of what appears to be a CBC article with a headline: "Dutch Prime Minister declares state of emergency, claims farm protests are being orchestrated by a Canadian militia group known as 'The Diagolon.'"

Screenshot taken on July 14, 2022 of a Facebook post

The same image was shared thousands of times on Twitter from an account that has since been suspended.

"Diagolon" is the name of a far-right group which researchers say seeks to inflame social divisions, often through violence. Local media reported  the group took part in a border blockade in the Western province of Alberta at the same time as protesting truckers occupied the Canadian capital Ottawa in early 2022.

The image circulated online as thousands demonstrated against the Dutch government's far-reaching plan to cut nitrogen emissions, with farmers particularly outraged by moves to decrease emissions by livestock.

But the screenshot does not show an authentic CBC article, the national broadcaster confirmed.

Contacted by AFP, CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson said: "We can confirm this is not a real CBC News article."

A search for the headline on did not produce any results. A similar search on Google did not find the purported article either.

AFP Fact Check previously examined other imposter content, or images made to look like genuine stories from Canadian media outlets.

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