Immerse yourself in new yoga classes at aquarium

New yoga classes are starting at Skegness Aquarium. (Photo: Submitted)
New yoga classes are starting at Skegness Aquarium. (Photo: Submitted)

Skegness Aquarium, which has welcomed thousands of tourists since opening in 2015, is launching its latest focus on wellness in the tranquil setting of its main Coral Ocean display tank window.

The Aquarium says the water nature ties in well with yoga and will help immerse participants even more than a regular class.

Classes will be catered for complete amateurs, with the first session being used as a trial to test demand and gather feedback.

But the Aquarium hopes it will become a popular regular fixture and unique experience in the future.

Stephanie Otter, local yoga instructor who has partnered with the Aquarium to launch the class, said: ‘I'm really excited for the yoga sessions at the Aqarium,

“I've been teaching yoga for a few years now and this is possibly my most exciting venue to date!

"Yoga is great for both physical and mental health, and I think the calming setting of the Aquarium will add something really special to the session.”

Charlton Cooper, Director at family-owned Teen Spirit Limited, the owners and operators of the site, said: “We’re thrilled to diversify the use of the Aquarium with something new and different outside normal admission hours.

"Yoga has seen a huge increase in popularity lately, and our venue with its stunning underwater tank is perfect for it.’

Prices start at just £8 per participant, with the first session is being held on Saturday, September 23, at 9am.

Contact the Aquarium via Facebook Messenger to book a slot.