Immersive cocktail bar inspired by golden age of comics to pop-up in London this summer

David Ellis
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<p>Kapow! The drinks will come with fitting special effects</p> (Superheroes Bar)

Kapow! The drinks will come with fitting special effects

(Superheroes Bar)

Covid may have proved the ultimate supervillain, but after being knocked back for more than a year, a once-thwarted immersive bar inspired by the golden age of comic books – broadly considered to fall a few years either side of the Forties – is to pop-up in Hoxton this summer.

Originally planned for late March last year, the plainly-named Superheroes Bar will finally fly into east London on June 11 for seven weeks. Offering drinkers an almost two hour immersive experience, the temporary cocktail spot isn’t tied to any particular comic franchise, but instead will be lean into familiar tropes and reference points – think plenty of Crash! Bang! Wallop!

Guests will begin things with with a little training, being handed a mask and cape before heading into a black-and-white, cartoon world – meant to mimic the feeling of being in the pages of your own adventure – before a series of themed experiences follow, which double as cocktail-making lessons for drinks inspired by, organisers say, “molecular mixology and the superpowers of forgotten, Golden Age Superheroes”.

The recipes will come in their own comic books and the mixes, fittingly, will be accompanied by their own special effects, including fire, smoke and ultraviolet lights.

After the immersive part of the experience, for which tickets start at £29.99 (covering three drinks), there will be a separate Hideout bar, boasting craft beer and, perhaps more excitingly, “crystal-activated self-drink-pouring, flaming cocktails, and gaming systems galore.”

The pop-up comes from Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth, the duo behind wizard-themed bar The Cauldron, which proved a hit with Harry Potter fans.

Cortland said of the new project: “Just as we have created an immersive magical experience at The Cauldron, our in-house ‘magicineering’ studio has brought the history of the comic book multiverse to life through interactive technology and science. As a result, there will be plenty of plot twists for guests to enjoy.”

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