The Importance of Learning Languages by Xinyi Li, Notre Dame School

The Importance of Learning Languages by Xinyi Li, Notre Dame School <i>(Image: Pexel)</i>
The Importance of Learning Languages by Xinyi Li, Notre Dame School (Image: Pexel)

Languages are the basic building blocks to connect between humans, therefore taking the time to learn them is incredibly beneficial.


As humans, the ability that we have to communicate with others is an incredible gift, and this is almost always done by languages. Therefore, imagine the rewarding feeling of being able to communicate with even more people - people from different places with different backgrounds and cultures - who you never would have been able to connect with unless you have learnt their language.


Often, language is known to be the most personal connection that one is able to have to other cultures. The ability to communicate in a different language allows us to learn about the traditions, history, and arts of the people of that language, which can be incredibly important when it comes to living in a new country or just having an interest to different cultures from your own.


Learning the language of a next travel destination can also truly revolutionise your experience abroad. Although tourists who cannot speak the local language are capable of visiting the same place, it is much easier for multilingual travellers to navigate around the destination and interact with the place and local people.


Knowing more than one language can also benefit your career, which can help you not only have more job options but also potentially help you make more money. Being multilingual is among the top eight skills required for all occupations, and the demand for people who speak another language is majorly increasing, giving them a competitive advantage.


Finally, there are many cognitive benefits to learning languages. Studies have proven that those who speak more than one language have better memory, problem-solving skills and a higher ability to multitask, which is beneficial to everyday life.


It is never too late to learn a language, so why don’t you try learning one today? Practice makes perfect, and the product of being able to communicate with so many more people will be the most rewarding.