It Is Impossible To Be Happier Than This Cat Eating A Birthday Cake

There is not much in life better than getting stuck in to a huge slice of cake - as this cat has just realised.

Not caring about little annoyances about eating politely, the cat - who is wearing a little party hat - has just jumped right in to the pink sweet treat.

And it’s obvious just how much it is enjoying it, with icing smeared all over its face.

Delicious: The cat is clearly having the best time (Imgur)

Maybe it is saving some for later or maybe it is just too excited to care but the cat stares up after its feast, still covered in its birthday surprise.

The images were posted on Imgur and no one knows the cat’s name, where it is from or who owns it.

Shocked: The cat can’t quite believe how good the cake is (Imgur)

But details like this don’t seem to matter when you see the sheer amount of joy at what is usually a human tradition.

But now we know that all cats should be allowed birthday cake and party hats if this is their reaction - if only for the pictures.

Top pic: Imgur