Impressive horsehead fiddle performance wows passengers at Chinese train station

Filmed in a waiting hall of Xilinhot Railway Station in Inner Mongolia, northern China, the video shows musicians playing the horsehead fiddle in unison, performing the famous piece "Gallop of Ten Thousand Horses." The grand and exhilarating performance drew applause and cheers from onlookers, with many capturing the spectacular moment on their mobile phones. One of the musicians expressed that they were travelling from Xilinhot to Hohhot for a performance and found themselves bored during the wait for the train in the evening. Someone suggested taking out the horsehead fiddles and playing a piece together. Everyone agreed and performed the rousing melody of "Gallop of Ten Thousand Horses." The surrounding audience immediately took out their phones to record the captivating performance. The musicians continued to play other pieces for about half an hour, and after they finished, the audience demanded an encore. The musicians obliged, delivering passionate performances to the delight of the crowd. The horsehead fiddle, known as the morin khuur, is a representative instrument of the Mongolian people, named for the horsehead carved at the top of its neck. With a long history, the horsehead fiddle evolved from the Xiqin, a plucked string instrument, during the Tang and Song dynasties. The video was filmed on May 20 and provided with local media’s permission.