You Can Improve Your Mobility (And Feel *So* Much Better) In Just 15 Minutes A Day

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Whether your goal is to run faster, lift heavier, or just feel better when you're going about your daily activities, incorporating mobility moves into your regular exercise routine could be the key to unlocking a new level of fitness.

Mobility refers to the range of motion in your joints and their ability to move freely through the world. It affects every movement you make, from getting out of bed and getting dressed in the morning to the way you perform in physical activities, like running or swimming.

I know what you're thinking: Who has the time? Carving out dedicated moments for movement each day is tough when you've got work, family, and life stuff to handle, especially during the holidays. That's why Women's Health teamed up with our friends at Men's Health and top physical therapists Dan Giordano, PT, DPT, CSCS and Winnie Yu, PT, DPT, CSCS from Bespoke Treatments in New York City to create the 15-Minute Mobility plan, a collection of short and sweet follow-along videos that you can queue up from your mobile device.

You can find the program exclusively on the All/Out Studio fitness app. And starting *right now* until December 4, you can gain access for more than 50% off—along with a subscription to Women's Health and more fun extras—with a Women's Health+ Premium All-Access membership.

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For just $55/year, your WH+ Premium All-Access membership will give you access to the 15-Minute Mobility program, plus unlimited digital content and a magazine subscription.

Still not convinced you can find 15 minutes to spare for this oh-so-important task? Here are just a few reasons why you should reconsider—and how our 15-Minute Mobility plan can help.

Mobility can minimize your risk of injury and pain.

Point blank, working on your mobility makes movement safer. It can also improve the health of your joints, reduce soreness after a tough workout, and make the recovery process quicker and easier.

It can also help relieve pain, which there's a good chance you've got somewhere. For example, 80(!) percent of people will deal with back pain at some point, according to the American Chiropractic Association (no, that's not a typo). “A lot of us are mostly sedentary throughout the day, so very often our lower back and our hip flexor muscles can get tight just from that prolonged sitting position,” Yu says.

When you lack mobility in one part of your body, it can create a chain reaction to other parts, putting you at a higher risk for injury. The fix: In the 15-Minute Mobility program, Yu leads two videos dedicated entirely to the lumbar and thoracic spine with movements that can help you find relief here almost immediately. Giordano also leads two videos focused on the shoulders and hips, so you're fully covered (and injury- and pain-free).

It can help improve your strength.

Better mobility correlates to improved overall strength. Hitting your maximum range of motion will increase the benefits you get from every exercise and lift you perform, creating greater results in the long run.

For example, greater hip mobility will lead to a deeper squat, which will activate those glutes even more with every rep (hello, booty gains!). And adequate shoulder mobility allows you to perform an even heavier overhead press, which is key to a sculpted upper body—okay, and will make you feel like an absolute superhero.

Mobility exercises are easy to do—promise.

Maintaining mobility is so much simpler than you think. As WH's 15-Minute Mobility program proves, it really only takes a few minutes a day to notice a major difference in the way you move—and it actually feels amazing. Giordano and Yu will guide you every step of the way. Plus, once you're familiar with the movements, you can do your favorites on your own throughout the day (try sneaking them in before a workout, when you wake up in the morning, or even while you're heating up lunch or dinner).

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get your Women's Health+ Premium All-Access membership, and you'll get access to 15-Minute Mobility (and *tons* more workout programs) immediately.

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