In 1,000 Years Humans Will Have Red Eyes, Dark Skin And Superhuman Powers

But we could still have one weakness

Red eye
Red eye

Our descendants could look very, very different to how we appear today - with red eyes, ‘beautiful’ faces and dark skin.

The prediction comes from science video site ASAPScience - and is based on a future where we evolve to cope with global warming.

Our skins will become darker as an evolutionary response to warming - and our bodies will also be altered by technology.

In the future, ASAPScience predicts, we will have tiny machines - ‘nanobots’ - inside our bodies which will transform us in drastic ways.

The site says, ‘'In the future nanobots - or tiny robots - will be suddenly integrated into our own bodies, enhancing our abilities.’

ASAP Science predicts these tiny robots could give us superhuman powers - and control over our appearance.

'No longer will we be limited by own own physiology, but truly become a mixture of biology and machine on the inside.'

'But while that will make us better smarter, stronger and better looking, such genetic similarity, or lack of human diversity, leaves room for a single new disease of the future, to wipe out the entire human race.'