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Oyster helping his owners find their way (TWiTTER/@LGRBTofficial)

In pictures: Meet Britain's cutest canines enjoying National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

Dogs were enjoying workplaces up and down the country as Britain’s offices invited employees' pets to work on Friday.

Man’s Best Friend was given access to their owners’ jobs to mark National Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

Since 2014, the annual event raises money for charities that look to improve welfare for dogs.

And of our course, cheeky canines have been causing havoc - and plenty of opportunity for a cheeky selfie - along the way.

A few have been caught walking over keyboards, destroying important paperwork and weeing on the office carpets.

Many Twitter users have taken to social media to share adorable snaps of their dogs hard at work.

But many asked "Why can't every day be Bring Your Dog To Work Day?".

One user even expressed their disappointment at their workplace not being involved in the celebration. Writing: "I'm frankly disgusted at the lack of dogs in my office today."

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