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A hungry owl on the hunt for prey flies high in the Nature category

After just losing out on victory in the Sports category, Donnelly wins the Nature category thanks to a hungry barn owl.
Usually a photographer in Sport, PR and architecture, Donnelly said: ‘The barn owl photograph was taken on a local farm close to where I live whilst I was testing the focussing ability of the latest Sony A9 camera.
‘Owls are beautiful animals in flight and although graceful, cover a lot of ground quickly so you need to be fast with the camera.’

The most incredible images from the Photographer Of The Year Awards

The nominees are in for the Societies of Photographers 2017 Photographer Of The Year Awards – and they are breathtaking.

Almost 8,500 images, featuring desperate refugees reaching out for help, stunning wildlife and a rather nail-biting image of a raging bull have been organised into 26 categories for the prestigious awards.

The photographs were captured all over the world, although British photographers did well, especially when it came to animal and wildlife photographer.