Incredible Indian Restaurants In London To Try This Holi That Are NOT Dishoom

We'll take the lot.
We'll take the lot.

We'll take the lot.

Indian food is always a delight and London is filled with some incredible Indian restaurants for everyone to try out. But as someone who is from India, I find it very hard to find restaurants that are authentic to the cuisine and culture I grew up with.

So many times, I’ve been recommended an Indian restaurant, only to find out that it is not that authentic at all or has been watered down to suit a more western palate. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course. You need to account for the fact that not everyone can handle spicy food.

An Indian restaurant chain, however, that has become very popular among the people of London is Dishoom. Every outlet of Dishoom boasts long queues of people waiting to be seated at the restaurant. Rightly so, the food is good.

But there are so many other Indian restaurants that provide great food, that wouldn’t reduce an Indian grandma to tears, that you should definitely check out. Dare I say, they are even better than Dishoom.

So here’s a list of some of the best authentic Indian restaurants, curated by (and with the help of) actual Indian people, just in time for Holi.

Fatt Pundit (Soho, Covent Garden)

Fatt Pundit is one of the best Indian-Chinese fusion restaurants I’ve ever been to in London. This restaurant authentically captures the best of the Indo-Chinese fusion food and brings it to you in a fun, budget friendly way. Their stir fried szechuan noodles and lollipop chicken are to die for.

Masala Zone (Various locations)

Masala Zone is definitely a restaurant worth checking out if you’re looking for some traditional Indian Thali’s (family platters). They also incorporate a wide variety of Indian street food into their dishes and I can safely say, it is pretty damn authentic.

The Tamil Prince (Islington)

I have seen some incredible reels and TikToks of this restaurant all over Instagram, and it has only made me want to check them out even more. The Tamil Prince was established by ex-Roti King chefs Prince Durairaj and Glen Leeson and it brings some of the best food of South India to a pub style outlet. And judging by the amount of times my friends recommend this place, it is definitely worth checking out.

BKC - Biryani Kebab Chai (Marble Arch)

This brand new Indian restaurant boasts some of the best of Awadhi/Lucknowi cuisine in London. As the name suggests, you will find some great biryanis, kebabs and chai (among other things) fit for a royal feast.

Babur (Honor Oak)

Babur has a month-long tasting menu for the festival of Holi and its menu boasts some of the best dishes from all over India, complete with colourful cocktails and wines to pair to get you into the perfect Holi spirit.

Manthan (Mayfair)

This beautiful restaurant in the heart of Mayfair has a selection of menus for different occasions like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and Holi. It fuses home style Indian food with restaurant level grandeur. And it is a perfect spot for a fancy date night. Its sister restaurant in Chelsea, named Kutir, is also worth checking out.

Darjeeling Express (Kingly Court)

No Indian restaurant roundup would be complete without Darjeeling Express. It is owned by culinary star Asma Khan and features authentic Indian food born out of generation spanning family recipes. And best of all, the kitchen is run completely by women.

The entirety of Southall

Southall is home to most of the British-Asians and Indians in the city. Naturally, the suburb is filled with an incredible selection of authentic Indian restaurants to choose from. Some recommendations include The Brilliant, Delhi Wala, Roxy’s and many more.

Colonel Saab (Holborn)

This fine dining Indian restaurant was created as a love letter by the owner Roop Pratap Choudhary to his parents. It is inspired by the travel tales told by his Indian Army officer of a father and his mother. You come for the chole-kulche, you stay for the stunning Indian artwork.

There are so many other incredible Indian restaurants to try out in London. Of course, there are only so many names that can fit into an article. But some other restaurants that are worth trying include Salt (Marble Arch), Sarasas (Hayes and Ruislip), Pali Hill (Oxford Circus) and Bindas Eatery (Westfield White City).

Happy eating!