Incredible moment trapped deer shows affection to hunters that rescued it

This was the amazing moment two hunters saved a young buck during their hunt after noticing it trapped on a wire fence.

The clip, filmed on November 17 in Illinois, shows the moment the buck was released after days on the fence, before showing affection to the hunter who saved him.

“We found this buck, his legs stuck in the fence, so we’re going to try and get it out. His leg is not broken, he’s going to make it, thank god!” the rescuer can be heard saying in the clip.

"We were deer hunting but we are very ethical hunters - we would never kill a distressed, captured or trapped deer or any animal. We saw a wounded animal in distress and we were brought up and raised [that] you treat everything with respect and kindness and we knew we needed to free it. You can ... hunt wild game but you can still have respect for the animal," Buck Tranbarger told Newsflare.