This is the incredible moment water flowed UPWARDS - after waves were caught in a rare sea vortex.

This is the incredible moment water flowed UPWARDS - after waves were caught in a rare sea vortex. Samy Jacobsen, 41, was out walking along the cliffs off Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands when he spotted a whirlwind of water rising from the waves. He watched as the vortex of spray climbed up the side of the 470m sea cliff - known as Beinisvørð - and billowing on to the cliff top, on Monday. Weather experts said it was a water spout - a spiralling pillar of air - which forms like a tornado over the water when a cliff edge spins the wind in a circle. Samy said: "I felt like going for a walk in an area that seldom explore and I also wanted to try out my sister's Iphone 11 pro max which I knew could take great pictures and videos. "From home I could see that the scene was definitely set for great pictures since the sky and the sea were almost colliding in the storm. "I took pictures and shot a few videos and when I shot that one it triggered the wow affect for sure. "I saw something being blown up into the air from that area before but I have never investigated it though. "In the vicinity there are many small rivers that defy gravity in stormy conditions and an awful lot of sea water is blown up and travels pretty far up land. "So it is not always easy to tell what it is. "I sent it to some friends and they all thought that it was very beautiful and special." Greg Dewhurst senior operational meteorologist at the Met Office described the phenomenon as "spectacular". He said: "To us here in the operations centre it looks like a water spout (a spiralling pillar of air), which is a little like a tornado but it forms over the water. "The cliff edge is helping to spin the wind around and we think this is why it forms quite quickly. "The weather over the area is unsettled with heavy showers and these ingredients together help form the water spouts. "Water spouts are not too uncommon during unsettled weather but make spectacular videos and photos."