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Terraced housing

Multiple occupancy terraced housing in Gothic Street, Cambridge, 1950s. Few cars and gardens meant children played in the street (mediadrumworld/Caters)

Incredible photos from 1950s show how post-war rebuilding transformed British life

Anthony Pearce

These amazing photographs give incredible insight into how Britain was transformed in the 1950s following the devastation of the Second World War.

Published in a new book, the images show the low-cost housing that sprung up as the government began a huge building programme.

Clement Attlee’s Labour government built more than a million homes, many to replace those destroyed by the Nazis during the Blitz.

Other shots show children playing in the street in a new community, builders laying the foundations for the new homes and a hotel with crowds of cars parked up outside it, displaying the new-found wealth people were enjoying.

The stunning pictures are included in a new book, The 1950s Home, by Janet and John Shepherd and published by Amberley.

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