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Terraced housing

Multiple occupancy terraced housing in Gothic Street, Cambridge, 1950s. Few cars and gardens meant children played in the street (mediadrumworld/Caters)

Incredible photos from 1950s show how post-war rebuilding transformed British life

These amazing photographs give incredible insight into how Britain was transformed in the 1950s following the devastation of the Second World War.

Published in a new book, the images show the low-cost housing that sprung up as the government began a huge building programme.

Clement Attlee’s Labour government built more than a million homes, many to replace those destroyed by the Nazis during the Blitz.

Other shots show children playing in the street in a new community, builders laying the foundations for the new homes and a hotel with crowds of cars parked up outside it, displaying the new-found wealth people were enjoying.

The stunning pictures are included in a new book, The 1950s Home, by Janet and John Shepherd and published by Amberley.

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