Incredible photos show UK streets before and after coronavirus lockdown as public spaces go from bustling to desolate

Jacob Jarvis
·1-min read

These photos show the stark contrast on the UK's streets from bustling thoroughfares to desolate strips following the coronavirus lockdown.

With the public only allowed to leave their homes for activities including exercise, medical reasons, buying essentials and for work if they must, usually packed areas have been left deserted.

In the capital, Millennium Bridge, normally a popular site for tourists and commuters alike, with its sweeping views often perused by visitors, was left completely empty.

Outside Buckingham Palace - so often swarmed by those wishing to glimpse the royal residence - a photo showed just one person.

London Bridge similarly had but a handful of people on it, despite usually being a well-frequented route through the city.

Tube and train stations were left with empty platforms.

Elsewhere in the UK, Edinburgh's Royal Mile looked completely deserted, having before being used as a site for street performances.

Bournemouth beach, previously packed with tourists, was left vacant.

After having urged people to not go out previously, Boris Johnson announced measures enforcing people stay inside on Monday night.

These were put in place for an initial three weeks and will be reviewed after that.

There have been more than 9,500 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK since the start of the outbreak, while at least 463 people diagnosed with it in the UK have since died.

The lockdown measures are aimed at stopping or at least slowing the spread to help medical facilities to not be overwhelmed with patients.

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