'An Incredible Rescue': Young Hero Saves Trapped Sheep at Donegal Beach

A fortunate sheep was rescued from water-surrounded rocks by a brave young man at Silver Strand Beach in County Donegal, Ireland on August 6.

Josh Collins was holidaying in the area and visited the beach with his brother Max and dad Matthew. Matthew told Storyful that he and the boys "heard an animal screeching and soon realized it was a trapped sheep”.

Matthew continued, “Josh swam to a cave and was searching for about 15 minutes, it was on his way back out that he spotted the sheep trapped on a tiny ledge.”

Matthew captured this video which shows Josh pulling and cajoling the sheep from danger, before half-swimming, half-walking the animal through the water back to safety. Matthew, Max and another beachgoer can be heard shouting encouragement from the beach.

In the final seconds of the video the sheep can be seen walking up a hill and away from the beach, while an onlooker exclaims, “that was an incredible rescue! Look at him, he’s making his way out”. Credit: Matthew Collins via Storyful