'Incredible' Thunderstorm Shakes Catalonia, Spain

A severe thunderstorm swept Spain on Friday afternoon, January 22, treating Catalonians to a vibrant show of lightning and thunder.

Antoni Velimelis shared footage from Balaguer, a city in the Lleida province of Catalonia, showing the strong wind, dark skies, and flashing lightning on Friday.

Meteo Catalonia shared radar images of what they called a “whirlwind line” and said the storm crossed Catalonia in the space of just two hours with wind speeds as high as 73 mph (117 km/h).

According to a translation by Google, Velimelis wrote on Twitter, “The clouds came from Aragon very fast, at the end it hailed, in just 10 minutes it flew by. Incredible!” Credit: Antoni Velimelis via Storyful