The Incredibles 2: Disney sets release date for next Pixar sequel


Disney has revealed fresh information about its upcoming Pixar sequel The Incredibles 2 with a release date finally set for 15 June 2018.

Speaking at the D23 Expo in California on Friday (14 July), Chief creative officer John Lasseter confirmed that the majority of the film's original voice cast will be returning for the follow-up that will place the spotlight on Holly Hunter's Elastigirl.

Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Sarah Vowell (Violet) and Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone) will all return however the character of ten-year-old Dash has been recast considering the sequel will pick up exactly where the 2004 original left off. Huck Milner replaces Spencer Fox.Milner replaces Spencer Fox.

The film, directed by Brad Bird, will see Elastigirl off on her own journey as she leaves Mr. Incredible at their new family home to take care of baby Jack-Jack who has manifested secret powers.

Referencing the original's moment which sees Jack-Jack destroy the Incredibles family home, Bird quipped: “Baby-proofing this place is a nightmare.”

Fresh footage was shown at the event reportedly showing Jack-Jack show off superpowers including a flaming power, the ability to split himself into multiple parts and laser beams from his eyes.

The Incredibles 2 will be released 15 June 2018. The studio's latest film, Cars 3, is in cinemas now.