Incredibles 2: Hilarious new trailer reveals the sequel's villain

14 years after first hitting cinemas, The Incredibles now return, as the super-family once again have to fight evil and keep domestic bliss.

Though a few teasers and trailers have been released previously, this is the first to really hammer home the plot: Incredibles 2 picks up moments after the first film finished, as they battle the mole-like The Underminer (voiced by Pixar stalwart John Ratzenberger).

However, he isn’t the sequel’s primary antagonist. That shadowy figure has only just been revealed by the new trailer; though Pixar has kept quiet on the details of exactly who they are, they seem to introduce themselves as the Screen... Slaver?

The film also sees Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) recruited by businessman Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) to help “bring supers back into the sunlight”, with her as the new poster-child.

That leaves Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) to stay at home to look after Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack – the baby who everyone is now realising has umpteen superpowers.

Of course, fan favourites Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna Mode (voiced by director Brad Bird) also return, with the latter offering some wisdom: “parenting is a heroic act, done properly.”

The Incredibles 2 is currently scheduled for 13 July 2018 release, with nearly all the original cast returning (minus Spencer Fox, who previously voiced Dash but whose voice has since deepened).

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