The Incredibles fan theory says Edna Mode is Violet's real mum

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Every once in a while, there's a fan theory that comes up that's so obviously not real and yet so interesting and, while implausible, totally possible and fun to imagine they're true. From space nazis to Wall-E as satan, the internet is full of them.

Now joining the collection of bananas theories is The Incredibles, specifically the theory that Violet Parr is not actually part of the Parr family, but rather the daughter of Edna Mode, given up to the Parrs for safekeeping. Just to reiterate, there is no way this is true, but it's technically something that could be and therefore, we're into it.

Posting on Reddit, our theorist gives a fair amount of proof to back up their claims. First, there's Violet's look in general.

Photo credit: Disney/Pixar
Photo credit: Disney/Pixar

All other members of the Parr family are drawn similarly. Dash, for example, has blonde hair like his father and a pointed nose like his mother. Baby Jack-Jack has reddish-blonde hair, picking up some of the reddish-brown tones of his mother's hair, and a pointed nose (more or less, he is a baby after all).

Meanwhile, Violet has black hair and a round nose, which is far more similar to... wait for it... Edna. Yep.

Though some argue that Violet could have dyed her hair in a very Teen Way, another Redditor pointed out that "Violet can’t cause regular fabrics to become invisible with the rest of her body, but her hair always becomes completely invisible with the rest of her." This would seemingly imply that her hair is naturally black.

Photo credit: Pixar - Disney
Photo credit: Pixar - Disney

Now we hear you cry "That's absurd" and yes it is, but the timing holds up too. In the description for the first film, it says that Edna was called out of her 15-year retirement to fix Bob's super-suit.

Violet is 14 years old in the first movie. The Redditor posits that Edna Mode retired when the government banned superheroes, but didn't know she was pregnant at the time. Without any help from the government, when Violet was born and displayed powers, Edna decided to give her to a superhero couple who she trusted above everyone else: the Parrs.

But as things began to change for superheroes, and with Bob and Helen taking on more responsibility, one of the motivating factors in coming out of retirement was to help keep her daughter safe. Cue the 'awws' now.

If you delve into the comments on the Reddit thread, you'll see a lot of people arguing about genetics, from dominant to recessive genes, polygenic and mendelian genes and quite frankly, way more science than we want to be doing when we're reading about The Incredibles.

So, there you have it. Edna Mode as Violet's birth mother. Unlikely? Highly. But with the total dearth of stuff to do, fantasizing about the genetics of The Incredibles is a fun way to pass the time.

The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are available to watch on Disney+.

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