Independent Lacoste retailer Mint Duck moves to open new shop in Nottingham city centre

Mint Duck's new store in Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham city centre
-Credit: (Image: Mint Duck)

A well-known independent fashion store has moved to a new location in Nottingham city centre. Mint Duck, which only sells Lacoste clothing, was originally located on Middle Pavement but moved to Bridlesmith Gate on Saturday, June 1, after a new unit became available there.

Manager Jane Collingham, 40, explained the thinking behind the move, citing increased footfall from moving to one of the city's busiest shopping streets as a key factor. Jane said: “We had a week to turn it around, we wanted to get round here as soon as possible.”

“We spoke to the previous tenants and moved quick to get in here because we always wanted to be on Bridlesmith Gate and were just waiting for the right opportunity to come which it did.” Mint Duck first opened on Middle Pavement, just off Bridlesmith Gate, back in September, 2022.

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Speaking about the difference between their old and new locations, she said: “Footfall is a lot better here compared to on Middle Pavement… we get a lot more passing trade than we did at the old shop.”

Speaking about last weekend's grand opening, Jane said: “It was good, a lot of people didn’t know we were here… we felt quite hidden in our old location because people didn’t really go around there.”

Mint Duck sell Lacoste clothing for boys and men but are not a Lacoste store, they are independent retailer that sells Lacoste. The manager added: “We now stock the biggest range of Lacoste in Nottingham.”

They believe they are offering something different because they are selling “premium” clothing. Jane said: “It’s not another vintage shop or food chain, it’s an actual premium menswear shop that’s selling new clothes.

"We’re not here to compete with the likes of Flannels, House of Fraser, we’re here to offer something different, you’ll find things in here that you wouldn’t elsewhere… This street needs premium retailers like this, it needs more brands coming in like this with Fred Perry and Hugo Boss, it needs this to get the city back up.”

Revealing the store's target market, Jane said: “We want to cater to the middle-aged man who isn’t going to buy from student and vintage shops.”