India: 35 people killed after houses collapse in landslides due to monsoon rains

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At least 35 people have died in India after buildings collapsed in landslides triggered by monsoon rains.

Thirty people were killed in three Mumbai suburbs when several houses were flattened on Sunday, and at least three others lost their lives when a property collapsed in the northern state of Uttarakhand after heavy rainfall.

Also, a rescue operation is under way in Gurugram, which borders the capital Delhi, after a three-storey building came down, killing two people.

New Delhi and Mumbai suffered further deluges in Monday.

And the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is forecasting more heavy downpours in the north of the country, including New Delhi, over the next two days.

In Mumbai, the IMD has issued a heavy rain and thunderstorm alert.

Several low-lying areas of Delhi and Mumbai were flooded, with people sharing images of submerged vehicles and people wading through waist-deep water on social media.

Mumbai's water treatment plant in the suburbs was flooded on Sunday forcing the municipal council to impose water cuts in some parts of the city.

India is in the midst of its annual rainy season but the downpours over the past few days have been particularly heavy.

Extreme weather has hit several parts of the world in recent weeks with flooding in Europe, dam collapses in China and heatwaves in North America adding to worries about climate change.

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