India: Brave police officer rescues man trapped in swamp

A brave officer saves a 54-year-old man who got trapped in a swamp in India's State of Uttar Pradesh. The footage, which was filmed on July 1, shows the officer, named Constable Sandesh Kuman, making his way into the swamp with the help of long ropes. He takes the old man's hand and drags him to safety. Getting out of the swamp by himself would have been impossible. The man tried to do it several times but could not succeded. Luckily, locals heard his cries and and informed the local police. People who witness the rescue operation tell the man to hold tight to the officer's hand while other members of the police team pull the rope. The man was finally brought to safety but reported head injuries. He was taken to the Community Health Center and was later referred to the Agra District Hospital. The rescue team involved were SHO Sher Singh, Sub-Inspector Mithun Singh, Constable Sandesh Kumar, and Head Constable Driver Vijay Pal Singh. The clip was filmed near Barhan Junction railway station, Etmadpur road in front of the National Inter College in the city of Agra.

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