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Agra, conveniently located near Delhi, is one of the top places for any romantic couple, thanks to the Taj Mahal. It has also been acknowledged as the most popular LGBT-friendly destination in India.

India’s top 10 LGBTQ friendly destinations

Out of the closet and straight into these LGBTQ friendly destinations! The recent Supreme Court ruling decriminalising Section 377 has brought about good cheer for the community.

Queer film festivals, pride parades, special tour operators and the ever growing members of the LGBTQ community are indicators that Indians are getting to be quite accepting of this alternative lifestyle.

Not only can LGBTQs now shun the fear of the law, they can also feel liberated by enjoying a stay in any of these cities, which are highly tolerant and friendly towards members of the community.

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Reference source: www.holidify.com