Indian climbers’ bodies brought down from mountain

By Associated Press Reporter

Rescuers have recovered the bodies of two Indian climbers who died on the world’s third tallest peak last week and flown them to Nepal’s capital.

The bodies of Biplab Baidya and Kuntal Kanrar were carried by rescuers from Mount Kanchenjung’s highest camp to a lower camp and then picked up by a helicopter.

Mr Baidya had scaled Kanchenjung, while Mr Kanrar was on the way up but fell sick and died. Mr Baidya became sick on his way down.

The Himalayas (David Cheskin/PA)

Both fell sick just below Kanchenjunga’s 8,586m (28,160ft) summit.

It is believed they were suffering from high altitude sickness and frostbite, but autopsies were being conducted at the hospital in Kathmandu where the bodies were being kept.

Hundreds of foreign climbers and their guides attempt to scale high Himalayan peaks during Nepal’s popular spring climbing season, which begins around March and ends this month.

Helicopters are only able to access the lower camps on the high Himalayan peaks.