Indian family terrified by tiny baby monitor lizard hiding inside AC unit

A family from eastern India got the fright of their lives recently when they discovered a bay monitor lizard inside their air-conditioning unit. Zahir Ali Khan heard a weird noise coming from the cooling system at his family home in Puri on August 17. When he went to take a closer look, he was shocked to see a forked tongue flicking out from a hole on the side of the unit. Imagining the creature within to be a snake, Khan called a team of experts who came to the house to help. Susant Behera from Snake Helpline was surprised to find a baby monitor lizard inside the AC and quickly caught the reptile. Behera released the animal shortly afterwards in a natural habitat. "While snakes inside AC are fairly common, it was a first with the monitor lizard," said Subhendu Malik from Snake Helpline.

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