Indian man breaks record for pulling cars with just his shoulder blades

A young man from central India's Madhya Pradesh has broken the world record for pulling a car with just one's shoulder blades. Visuals shot on January 21 feature the record-breaker, Abhishek Choubey, performing the feat in Sagar. Choubey puts a wooden block attached to a rope, in the middle of his shoulder blades, following which he pulls a four-wheeler as onlookers behold the experience. Choubey made his Guinness World Records debut when he used his shoulder blades to pull a Hyundai Accent GVS 2004, weighing 1,070 kg (2358.94 lbs), for 27.5 meters in 2016. Following this, he made his second world record in 2017 when he lifted 55.44 kg (122.22 lb) with his shoulder blades. Choubey was just eight when he discovered his knack for using his shoulder blades for weightlifting. He used to pull his friends, who were sat on chairs, while his mother worried for his health. However, Choubey's father always supported him and even got him the wooden block with hooks that he used for weightlifting. Furthermore, he gained public support after making his first world record, a feat he always wanted to achieve.

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