Indian man named Saddam Hussain 'turned down for 40 jobs because he has Iraq dictator's name'

Mark Chandler
Saddam Hussein: Not a marine engineer: Getty

An Indian man called Saddam Hussain claims no one will employ him because he has the same name as the murderous former dictator of Iraq.

The marine engineer claims he has been turned down for 40 jobs with shipping companies because people are “scared” to hire him.

Mr Hussain says every one of his former classmates who became qualified as engineers in 2014 have found employment, except for him.

And despite the different spelling of his surname – Hussain rather than Hussein – he claims it is the shadow of the former Iraqi leader that is holding him back.

He told the Hindustan Times: “I inquired with the HR departments of the companies and some of them told me my name was the problem.”

Mr Husaain said he had tried to change his name in a bid to end the ordeal.

But despite getting a new passport, driving licence and other forms of ID, he claims he now cannot provide proof under his new name that he went to school.

“I am an innocent victim of somebody else’s crimes,” he told the paper.

Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq from 1979 until 2003 when he was overthrown by the Allied coalition.

He was executed three years later after being convicted of crimes against humanity.

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